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Robert E. Weatherford’s Résumé

Robert's Project History


1976-1977 — ICP (A Robert E. Weatherford D/B/A)

An S-100 EPROM/RAM card with firmware for basic monitor and text editing functions. The FM-1 added a non-maskable interrupt capability to the 8080 processor, which could be used by the debugger. I produced all aspects of the project, hardware design, firmware design using my 8080 development system, PC layout, tape up, and user documentation.

You can click on the image to the right to see a larger image.

The User's Guide was written in the days before word processors, so I banged it out on a manual typewriter. The diagrams were hand-drawn in ink. You can look at the FM-1 User's Guide here.

The firmware was written on a cross-assembler that I wrote on the local community college's HP-2000 BASIC system. You can look at the formatted assembly listing here.

Unfortunately, the schematic seems to have disappeared. Too bad. Maybe it will turn up some day.


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