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Welcome to the Vintage BX-3/CX-3 Resource site.

I am publishing this site in the hopes of becoming the worldwide clearinghouse of information about the Vintage Korg BX-3 and CX-3 Combo Organs. While I personally have generated a lot of this information, it's not going to become the world-class library I envision without input from experienced repair technicians and end-users. Please email me with anything you feel may be helpful, and I'll include it on this site with your name and contact info (if you request it).

First and foremost, I hope this site will help to save many of these old instruments from the junk yard, because there is no central place for people to go for information. A BX-3 or CX-3 in decent physical condition can be repaired no matter what its electrical condition. There will be a parts source page that will tell you where to go to get any electronic repair part you may need. Hopefully, some other folks will find sources for some of the mechanical parts as well.

Lastly, I'd like to comment on my relationship to Parastream Technologies. "Not only am I the President, but I'm also a client." The first three replacement parts for the SM304A were bought by me for my own personal BX-3. I am running this site on my own, as an individual, without any corporate sponsorship or other corporate connection. Parastream Technologies, Inc. has nothing to do with this site. I want to make this clear, since Parastream Technologies, Inc. is one of the listed parts sources.

Here are some links to other sites with Vintage BX-3 and CX-3 information:


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