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Robert E. Weatherford’s Résumé

Robert's Project History


2002 — Parastream Technologies, Inc.


Designed a replacement board for the Siemens SM304A – a 40-pin custom chip for the Korg BX-3 combo organ. The replacement board was a direct physical replacement for the original 40-pin DIP.


I handled the entire project, including reverse-engineering, characterizing, design, schematic capture, mechanical design, PCB design and layout, and datasheet generation. The schematic capture was done using OrCAD, and the 2-sided PC layout was done using OrCAD Layout Plus. The datasheet was composed in Microsoft Word, and some graphical elements were done in Visio.


  • 4000-series CMOS
  • SOIC Surface mounting on both PCB surfaces


You can click on the image to the right to see a larger image, and you can view the part's datasheet.

Because the product is currently shipping, the schematics, PCB layout, and other technical information are available only by request under Parastream Technologies' NDA. Contact Parastream Technologies, Inc. for more information.

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