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Robert E. Weatherford’s Résumé

Robert's Project History


1990 — Hayes ESP

Assumed responsibility for the Hayes ESP project, the Hayes Enhanced Serial Port. Using an Intel 8051 microprocessor, ESP implements two asynchronous serial ports with 1024 character FIFO buffers, and communicates to the host through DMA. The card can also function as a conventional dual serial card with optional 16 character FIFO for compatibility with existing software.

1989 — V.42 bis

The first implementation of the CCITT recommendation V.42 bis for data compression over LAPM modems to be demonstrated at Comdex. Participated in the development of the recommendation. Achieves up to 4:1 compression ratio, using a Lempel-Ziv string matching procedure. Written in Z80 assembler and Microsoft C.

1989 — MNP Class 5

Written for the V-series modem products from the paper submitted by Microcom to the CCITT for consideration as an international data compression standard. Written in Z80 assembler and prototyped in Microsoft C.

1987 — X.25 PAD

Wrote the functional description, and designed the basic architecture of 4 PADs sharing a Smartmodem. Selected and extended the X.28 command language to support the Smartmodem environment, added new AT commands and several new X.3 parameters to allow the PAD to be configured as an original V-series streaming mode PAD. Implements all mandatory and optional 1988 CCITT X.3, X.28 and X.29 recommendations, with the exception of parity checking (X.3 parameter 21). Written in Z80 assembler.

1987 — Hayes AutoStream

A character oriented protocol that supports multiple session streams over a single physical circuit. Conceptually a team effort, but co-authored the practical design used today in Hayes V-series X.25 products. U.S. and European patents awarded. Written in Z80 assembler.

1987 — Hayes Adaptive Data Compression

Improved the original designer’s algorithm by use of a statistical scaling technique. Used in all V-series Smartmodems. Achieves up to 2:1 compression ratio using a poly-alphabetic substitution procedure. Written in Z80 assembler and Microsoft C.

1987 — Hayes Dynamic Packet Sizing

A technology to maximize the efficiency of packetized data transfer. DPS knows when to adjust packetization parameters for low propagation delay, and when to adjust for maximum throughput. DPS dramatically improves the performance of interactive applications and simple start/stop file transfer protocols such as XMODEM. Employed in all V-series Smartmodems. Written in Z80 assembler.


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